On Oct 25th, the ICON 2.0 migrated database will be uploaded and tests will be run to validate, with real data, Stage 2 of the network migration.

On Oct 26th, node operators will be provided with technical guides on how to prepare their ICON 2.0 (Goloop) nodes, and we will gather some feedback about it.

On Oct 27th, Stage 2 (“P-Reps Run Goloop”) will commence. Main P-Reps will import the migrated database from Stage 1, which we expect will take a couple of days to complete. Once all main P-Reps are synced, we will be able to move to the next and final stage, Stage 3 (“ICON 2.0 Activation”).

On Nov 3rd, around 10pm KST, Stage 3 will commence. Exchanges will be recommended to pause their deposit and withdrawal operations for ICX. Public endpoints will be taken offline from 11pm KST. ICON Foundation will submit a network revision proposal. ICONex and Hana wallets will not be able to submit new transactions during this downtime.

On Nov 4th, we expect voting for the proposal to be over and, hopefully, approved by P-Reps. A new backup will be shared for all other node operators (non-main P-Reps), public citizen nodes will be restored, and public endpoints will be live again.

Exchanges will resume their deposit and withdrawal operations. If no major technical issues are detected at this stage, network migration will then be complete, ushering in an exciting, new ICON 2.0 era!