A curated list of awesome frameworks, libraries, software, and other resources for the ICON blockchain ecosystem

Note that smart contracts decentralized applications also function as libraries and software services with publicly accessible APIs. See the composability and remote-procedure-call topics on the official documentations to learn more



Build assist tools

  • drogon - A robust, lightweight application development framework used for developing, testing, and deploying smart contracts on the ICON blockchain

Core ICON blockchain

Core components to ICON blockchain

  • goloop - The basis for the official ICON blockchain node
  • gochain-local - Tools for running the ICON blockchain locally
  • gochain-local-decentralize - Helpers scripts for decentralizing a multi node local network created with the gochain-local repo.
  • goloop-icon - Docker container for the goloop blockchain engine
  • icon2-node - Docker container for an ICON blockchain node

Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)

  • icon-daos - Tracking tool for DAOs in the ICON ecosystem

Decentralized finance

Tools for conducing decentralized finance in the ICON ecosystem

  • Balanced DAO - Stablecoin dApp that uses ICX as collateral to mint Balanced Dollars (bnUSD), a token pegged to 1 US Dollar
  • Convexus - Convexus introduces concentrated liquidity, giving individual liquidity providers (LPs) granular control over what price ranges their capital is allocated to
  • ICONFi - Decentralized finance market built on ICON main network
  • Karma Finance - Karma Bond is a protocol owned liquidity-as-a-service, providing treasuries and bonds optimized to individual protocol needs
  • Omm - Decentralized finance market built on ICON main network
  • Optimus - Optimus is an on-chain yield optimizer for earning staking rewards
  • Stably - Stablecoin tradable on the ICON main network backed by the U.S. dollar


Public sources for exchanging ICX currency

  • Binance - Cryptocurrency exchange which is the largest exchange in the world in terms of daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies
  • - Version of Binance exchange that is compliant with United States regulations
  • Bithumb - A South Korean cryptocurrency exchange
  • Huobi - A Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange
  • Kraken - A United States–based cryptocurrency exchange and bank
  • KuCoin - A Signapore-based cryptocurrency exchange

Execution environment

Tools and software related to the ICON smart contract execution environment

  • gradle-javaee-plugin - Gradle plugin for ICON Java Execution Environment
  • javaee-scorex - some useful Java classes that can be used as substitutes for some Java standard I/O and collections frameworks when you write ICON Java smart contracts
  • javaee-annotation-processor - Annotation-processor for ICON Java smart contract environment


Testnet faucets for receiving tokens to test decentralized application functionality

  • ICONOSPHERE Faucet - A faucet for receiving testnet ICX tokens on Berlin or Lisbon testnets


Games in the ICON ecosystem and libraries for creating games

  • GangstaBet - A digital collectible where people can evolve their characters for an eventual permanence on the blockchain
  • ICON-Unity-SDK - Unity SDK for ICON Blockchain
  • Project Nebula - An open-world game of space exploration and conquest
  • Wonderland - A digital collectible and metaverse-focused game with an Alice in Wonderland theme


Tools, software, and other resources related to blockchain governance in the ICON ecosystem

  • governance2 - ICON Main network governance contract
  • Node-Butler - Node Butler is a web app intended to facilitate the management of validator nodes in the ICON Network


Tools and software related to blockchain interoperability in the ICON ecosystem


Tools and software related to non-fungible tokens

  • Craft - An NFT marketplace owned by the community
  • Fandiem - A donation platform that harnesses the power of the fan community to make positive change
  • NFT Bazaar - An NFT marketplace run by Spartan Node


Tools and software related to on-chain oracles

  • Band Protocol - An open standard for decentralized management of data in Web3 stack


Tools and software related to the Remote Procedure Call interface for API Endpoint nodes on the ICON blockchain


Templating for bootstrapping smart contracts and other software in the ICON ecosystem

  • java-score-examples - Smart contract examples written for the ICON Java Execution Environment
  • javaee-tokens - A Java SCORE Library for ICON Standard Tokens
  • soulbound-token - ICON Java implementation of the soulbound NFT token
  • tackle - Tackle is a declarative DSL for building modular utilities, code generators, and CLIs
  • tackle-icon-sc-poc - POC for generating smart contracts for the ICON Blockchain with tackle


Tools related to testing code, including smart contracts, for the ICON blockchain


Tools and software related to tracking the state of the ICON blockchain


Cryptocurrency wallets built with the ICON ecosystem in mind

  • Bridge wallet - A fiat onramp for USD that is integrated for use with the ICON ecosystem
  • Hana wallet - Chrome extension wallet for cryptocurrencies in the ICON ecosystem
  • IconEx wallet - ICONex Chrome extension wallet for cryptocurrencies in the ICON ecosystem
  • MyIconWallet - Desktop and mobile wallet for cryptocurrencies in the ICON ecosystem

Zero-knowledge proofs


Other awesome community collections for related products and ecosystems

  • awesome-dot - A curated list of resources in the Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem
  • awesome-ethereum - A curated list of resources in the Ethereum ecosystem
  • awesome-java - A curated list of resources in the Java ecosystem

Core documentations

Documentations for the core ICON blockchain


Communities within the ICON Ecosystem for technical or non-technical topics

Funding programs

Programs for getting your ICON ecosystem projects funded


Audio-visual, written, or other mediums for discussing and learning about ICON


Tutorials for participating in the ICON ecosystem


Templates for projects or other useful things

  • Template repository - Template repository for a new project, including README, Issue Templates, PR Template, LICENSE, Release message auto-instructions, CONTRIBUTING, and CODE_OF_CONDUCT files